Saturday, August 31, 2013

Wargames Illustrated

This is just a boring update, no game or army to show off. Just excited to say I just bought about 150 Wargames Illustrated back issues yesterday from the Last Square off of The Miniature Page (TMP). 
I bought issues from 1989-1997 and 2001-2007 and 2010. I already had some from 1988 and 1998-2001. A very great deal for $2 an issue, that is almost like a $800 savings off the retail, roughly. I did the same thing years back on Miniature Wargames issues from a business called Crusader29. So I decided during the week since I am no longer painting and seem to be hovering while I wait to play on the weekends, I can read. My weekdays are hectic with 2 daughters and stuff...and it is great to just I will just start reading my 300 plus wargames mags I have sitting around. I am sure that I will get tons of scenarios that way or at least tons of terrain set up ideas.

But I am running out of shelf space!!!! 

This is my current collection of Wargames Illustrated and Miniature Wargames Magazines.

I am not sure how many issues combined I have but its close to over 100. So I am adding about the same size amount if not more to my shelf. It is not easy being so obsessive. Again the obsessions of a wargamer showing.
 Meanwhile I am planing my next game...not sure but probably some where in Mesopotamia and an Assyrian Empire battle. I am staying in the desert for awhile.

As I am mostly a fantasy wargamer using historical armies and historical events, it is fun to take actual ancient battles and use them in a fantasy environment or what if scenario if you will. But I think I will change the names of the battles or slightly move them over in geography to not confuse historical wargamers and respect to the actual battle. For example I want to play the Battle of Issus using Macedonia vs. Assyrian instead of Persia (even though I have a few subjugated Persians in the Assyrian army). So I will use the same battle plan just use a different river and rename it something else in a vally close by. I also play historical (like I am playing currently) that just go with my campaign.  So what I did was collect and paint the world powers I wanted to be in my gaming what if world. If you follow all of this, that is great, because I can loose a lot of people talking about this. Fantasy gaming allows me to not be limited. 

Here is an example of the type of map I am using to figure out my 28mm Assyrian campaign battles. Eventually the Macedonian Empire invades the Assyrian Empire. I do not plan to plan games in any order of time, I can jump foward or backwards. For some reason I just can not stand Persians and I thing the Assyrians are just so over looked. So I chose them to be the dominating power in the middle east. Eventually they will attack Troy in my world. The Scenarios are endless and that is what I like.

Happy Holidays!!!

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