Wednesday, August 21, 2013

28mm Rohan Army

Here are some photos of my 28mm Rohan Army. The figures are the old 1990's Harlequin Lord of the Rings miniatures which were out of production. The molds were owned by Black Tree Design under the name Legions of the Realm and then sold to Scotia Grendel.  The figures are hard to find and I hunted around the internet world wide for them and bought all the remaining stock from Black Tree Design before they sold the molds off.

Updated (New Rohan Foot painted)

Updated Rohan Cavalry

Men of Westfold

Men of Eastfold

Cavalry was the hardest to find and the most expensive. I found a lot of them over seas from one person at the place called the Tolkienshop.

Rohan Cavalry

I switched shields on the riders, I used the Men of Anfalas shields and placed them on the Rohan riders, I liked the sunburst shield on them better.

I also switched out some other shields for my Rohan riders. I used some Mithril Rohan shields instead this time.

King Theoden in front of a massive Rohan Cavalry army.

I also collect Mithril Rohan cavalry but I have not painted them currently. I have probably about 12, when I get about a total of 24, I will then paint them. I do not have too much unpainted metal sitting around.

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