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Star Wars: 1st Battle of Tatooine (Clone Wars 21.95 BBY)

The First Battle of Tatooine. 
Separatist Forces under General Sev'rance Tann arrive on Tatooine after being informed that a Hutt living on Tatooine had valuable information for the Separatists.  The Hutt planned to give information concerning the Decimator but only after the Republic space port at Mos Osnoe was destroyed and the city taken.
I will be using Star Wars Miniature Battles rules from the late 1980's to play the game. The table is finished, but I have not added all the troops to the table yet. Still working that out.

Mos Osnoe is a small city on Tatooine

Separatist arrive at Mos Osnoe

The dark grey buildings are home made by me. The piping networks are from Atar's Workshop and Armorcast. The desert buildings are a combination of Art of War terain and Philip Viverito made buildings and the desert mountains and grass are made from Battlefield Architect.

Battle Report

The Separatist attacked Mos Osnoe with the orders to destroy only the space port and not to destroy the city or harm the occupants by request of the Hutts in exchange for information on the Decimator plans location. This made it very hard for the Droid army to attack the city. The occupants of the city were neutral and did not take sides in the battle, unless attacked. 

The Republic garrison had 6 TX-130T tanks that were armed with dual-guided missile launchers that were very useful against the ATT-1 Droid Tanks. The ATT-1 tanks had a weakness against missile guided launchers. The Droid army approached the city with 12 ATT-1 tanks and were immediately destroyed from guide missiles firing from the TX-130T Tanks.

 Most of the Droid army was destroyed as they entered the city.   The Droid army had two IG-227 Hailfire Droids to protect their flanks and rear as they entered the city but were ordered and programed not to fire at the city of Space port during the assault and were destroyed by missile fire. The Droid army also had 2 OG-9 Homing Spider droids that moved along with the Battle Droids into the city. The Clone troopers attacked the Homing spiders and disabled them by destroying their hydraulic legs by getting under them and firing at their joints. The ATT-1 also cannot use indirect fire, while the TX-130T can fire indirectly from any where in the city. This spelled a receipt for failure and the Droid army was destroyed. 

The 105th Legion garrison at Mos Osnoe reported one destroyed TX-130T tank and 3 Clone trooper casualties. The Droid assault group reported 12 destroyed ATT-1, 2 destroyed IG-227 HF droids, 2 destoryed OG-9 Homing Spiders and 80% Battle Droids destroyed.

ATT-1 tanks being hit with missile fire.

A TX-130T destroyed after it took out 2 ATT-1 droid tanks.

Maybe I made this game a little too easy for the Clone army, but I wanted a quick game with fast results.

An entire Battle Droid legion being destroyed by missile fire from multiple TX-130T Republic tanks.

This is how the Republic became an Empire.

A Droid armor unit being hit by missiles from multiple TX-130T Republic tanks.

The droid army in ruin

105th Legion destroying the attacking Droid army.

A TX-130T in the northern part of Mos Osnoe watching for a counter attack from the north, which never came.

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