Thursday, August 8, 2013

Paint Bench: Bretonnia Armies

Here is a collection of the armies that I have painted for various houses in Bretonnia over the past few years non-stop. I can give them any house name I want during a game, so I am leaving names off. I tried to paint as many different colors in each army to make the battlefield very colorful. I even painted up my vary own army of Orkney..if I wanted them to be from Orkney that is. I just mainly finished painting and have not really dove into Warhammer my first game will be coming up soon. I should be able to make a very nice table.The pictures are pretty much in order of the paint jobs of each as I finished them. I painted a total of 9 different armies, but only 8 are shown.

Updated 10/25/2017

Working on some new Knights. The House of Whitehall.

I found out later to varnish before applying the shield decals, which helps them to be more clearer on the shield. I am not a pro painter, just to the best I can, etc.

You can see how I got better with the shield decals, they look much better. Ofcourse this is my army so I did a better job.

The Duke of Orkney. A very nice Black Tree Design night.

Shield decals by Veni Vidi Vici. I probably have a few hundred decals left over of various designs.

Some more Black Tree Design knights

Warhammer archers

The Princess of Orkney, one of two....

Theoretically this is the House of Rockwood

Some more Black Tree Design medieval infantry with billhooks

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You can see the Baron of Orkney charging up behind swinging his mace.

I used a lot of Black Tree Design horses with Warhammer Knights.

Here I am using some old Warhammer knights on some Harlequin LOTR horses I had.

The shields I borrowed from Gamezone knights that I was very disappointed in, but I liked their shield designs.

This is a Joan de Arc figure from Perry Miniatures....not my best paint job.

Another Knight from Perry Miniatures.

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