Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tournament at Bordeleaux 933

 I made some of my fellow Jousting Knight opponents and friends from Noble Cause Productions into Warhammer scale Jousting Knights from all over the Realm of Bretonnia.  I have not made all members so far, but got a few of them done. The buildings are some of the Miniature Building Authority medieval collection.

A Bretonnia tournament. Sir William jousting Sir Roderick.

Sir Gawain of Orkney (myself) jousting Sir Geoffrey of Castille

Sir Geoffrey testing the footing of the steed and testing for distance

Sir Mitri takes to the field

Sir Micheal of Rosharon takes the field.

Sir Gareth of Rockwood jousting Sir Thomas Baron of Somerset

Sir Gareth preparing to charge

The court ladies have flooded the balcony during the jousting

Sir William of Whitehall jousting Sir Richard

Drunks and beggars hanging around the joust camp

Sir Marcus preparing to take the field.

One squire trying to distract the charging knight coming down to his end.

Sir Geoffrey of Castile plotting some evil

Sir Gawain jousting  Sir Mitri

The Royal Court has arrived.

A nice lady showing her breasts off as Sir William rides nice of her.

Sir Michael jousting Sir Gareth

Aerial view of the Jousting Tournament

Sir Roderick preparing to take the field for the Final joust

Sir Richard leaving the field after being unhorsed by Sir William

Sir William riding towards the quintain

All Knights preparing to charge the quintain

Sir Mitri hitting the quintain

Sir Gawain hitting the quintain

Sir Geoffrey attempting to hit the quintain if hissteed will not give him problems

Noble Cause preforming a six man joust.

The final joust of the day, the dangerous six man joust

 You can visit the Noble Cause Production website here to see what Jousting is all about.


Sir Geoffrey and Sir Gawain

I have since remolded Sir Roderick's Helm...I was not too pleased with how it turned out. You can see the better helm in the pics above.

Sir William of Whitehall

Sir William

Noble Cause Jousting Knights

Sir Mitri and Sir Thomas

Noble Cause Jousting Knights

Sir Michael and Sir Gareth

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