Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Paint Bench: Zombie Building #31 (The Brunswick Hotel)

Okay, here we go into the home stretch. I am finally back on the city buildings. The next few buildings are from The RailKing or MTH painted buildings. The first one is a 6 story Hotel call The Brunswick. All I basically did was weather the building and modify the lower windows. I left some room on the very bottom to run lights in the building if I want to. 

14 to go, and one prison....plus 150 telephone polls, various road signs, stop lights and some bill boards. And of course the side walks that go with them all. 

These buildings are very difficult to stop buying. The are addicting. I have 8 buildings, like this. This is the only 6 story one, but I want 2 more. But I will just have to wait for that. 


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