Monday, March 2, 2015

Paint Bench: Zombie Building #17 (Nicole's Java shop) with rent space upstairs

Here is a kit that I bought that was put together and pre-painted, but not weathered. However when it arrived after buying off ebay, it arrived smashed up and needed badly repaired. I forgot to take before pictures and started with the after I weathered it pictures. I added some detail in the 1st floor using an old plasticville ice cream shop. I also added a second floor and put a stove on the floor. I finished this one in 1 day. I was home sick. It was actually a test run on weathering pre-painted buildings, without having to spray paint them first. I sprayed the roof black, it was grey. The windows all came out, so it was easy. On the other pre-painted buildings the windows are all "foggy" so clear coat should not bother them too much. But I do not plan on aiming at the windows while spraying. I can always tape them off, but man that would suck. 

Here is Nicole's Java Shop (Original name from Kit). It has since been abandoned when the zombies hit the town. 


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