Saturday, March 21, 2015

Paint Bench: Zombie Building #26 (Barn for Ranch House)

I finished the Barn that goes with the Ranch House set I am making. I plan on getting a windmill as well to go with it. I have some fencing. This is just a scenario I am going to play with some zombies. Up next is an unfinished under construction house that will go with this set as well, or anywhere else. Moving on. 

I added some pics at the end to show the mass build up of buildings I have completed that are piling up on my game table. 

Here is the other 12 buildings I finished on the table, along with all the 1/40 scale cars I have weathered up on the side. I think I have close to 45 vehicles. I want to get a few motorcyles and a few other trucks such as a ryder truck and another RV, maybe a Utility vehicle too. My Helms Deep Battle in the background, I have yet to start playing. This project got started after I made the Helms Deep battle table. Now it is a work table again.

Here are the remaining buildings to weather, not including 8 buildings on anther shelf, and a prison left to do.

These are the first 14 buildings I made, setting on the top of the brown shelves.

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