Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Paint Bench: 28mm Orc Re-basing project (Done)

Repaint Time: 1 day (400 minis)

I decided to repaint all of my figures starting with my orcs that are all on my Siege of Gondolin table. Along with all of my elf army. Then I will just keep going. I think I have about 5000 figures to repaint the bases. I posted some pics of some figures on TMP and someone suggested that I paint my bases differently. So I did, and I really like the new way I paint them. So now I have to go backwards and repaint everything. Crazy. I did that once when I decided to start washing figures. So I went back and washed everything....took me about a week or so. 

Simple upgrade makes them look a lot better.

Repainting all the orcs and elves on the table, as I organize it for battle.

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