Sunday, July 20, 2014

Paint Bench: Star Wars Republic Tank (transformer) Repaint

First off, I am not a big transformer fan. But they made some vehicles that are in scale with the Star Wars Miniatures, such as the Droid Tanks and the Republic Tank. I have or am selling most of my Star Wars collection but I could not let go of my Droid Tanks and Republic Tanks (most are transformers) The transformer Droid Tanks and the Action Fleet Droid Tanks are the same exact tank. (side note). 

But I kept the Republic Tanks, but I hate the paint jobs, couldn't stand that nice white paint job. And I kept them mainly because I was going to use them with some of my other SciFi armies I have, not for clone troopers. I painted them to match some of my Warhammer 40k Valkyries that I have (I have 8).  I like them much better now. I will probably use them with my AT-43 stuff or at least the figures, and my imagination.

I turned the guns upside down to hide the fire button on the missile launcher. They still will transform, which is cool because I can make them look destroyed that way.

This is what they look like out of the package. They are not bad, but IMO too clean. But again, I am using them as hover tanks for any SciFi army I have. 

I will probably be repainting some of my droid tanks something else, don't know what right now. I have 30 (action fleet) Star Wars minis scale, Droid Tanks. Don't ask me why. I love armor and hover tanks.

 Hers are some pics for scale purposes.

AT-43 miniatures with the tank

Battlefield Evolution USMC Marine with the tank

WOTC Stormtrooper with the tank

The Colors blend well on the table even in the Battle of Gondolin which is on my table currently, sorry for the NON-Cannon look

Apparently the High Elves approaching are not daunted. They must be high to face tanks.

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