Friday, January 24, 2014

Battle of Mineholt North Rimmens Mountains 2E2195 (Mithgar)

In 2195 in the 2nd Age of Mithgar, Mordru, The Black Mage has began his reign and invasion against the Realms of Mithgar.  One of his Spawn Hordes has invaded the country of Riamon and has laid siege to the dwarvenholt called Mineholt North along the Rimmens Mountains near the city of Rael. A host of free folk have gathered and marched to the aid of Mineholt North to try to break the siege. The host consisted of Dylvania, Baeron and Daelsman marching to Mineholt North aid and upon arrival, they send a scout (a warrior and a dwarf) to communicate with DelfLord Borl of Mineholt that an army has come to his aid and to share the plan of attack with him so that they may aid in the assualt and destroy the Spawn that lies at his gates.

The plan of attack of the host is to attack the Horde from the rear, a frontal rear attack as it is called. Once the Host has began the assault on the Spawn, the dwarf army will come out of their two gates and attack the Spawn from the front (or rear when the Spawn turn to face their new foe.) A frontal Rear Attack. The Baeron line up in the center while the Dalesman line up on the left flank and the Dylvana on the right flank and catch the Horde in the middle once the dwarf army comes attacking out of its gates. The Dwarf army's main objective is to destroy the giant Orgus that are in the Spawn Horde. 

The Spawn army consists of Hloks, Rucks, and Ghuls on Helsteeds, along with a few Vulgs (dire wolves). Their numbers total 10,000. The host of man, elf and dwarf total 3100. 

The Dwarf army comes out of their gates and attack the large Orgus.

The men of Dael charge the Spawn.

The Baeron attack the Spawn center while the dwarf army launches their charge from the gates.

The Dylvana charge in to the Spawn left flank

Mineholt North

The Dylvana cavalry attack Ghuls on Helsteeds

The Battle of Mineholt North during the War of the Ban in the 2nd Age of Mithgar 2195.

Dwarf cannon fire attack Ruck archers.

Mineholt North along the Rimmens Mountains

Daelsmen attacking the Spawn from the left flank, or the Spawns right flank

Daelsmen cavalry attacking Ghuls on Helsteed on their left flank

The Battle of Mineholt North

Daelsmen attacking a Vulg.

Men of Dael attacking a Vulg

The miniatures used were a mix of Games Workshop, Mithril, Vendel, Harlequin and Darksword. The dwarf fortress walls and towers are from Scotia Grendel. The buildings are a mix of PMC Games and Miniature Building Authority. The river or moat is from Wargamers Terrain. The Trees, Mountains and various other terrain are homemade. The storyline and battle scenario is from the Book: Into the Forge by Dennis Mckiernan.

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