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The Battle of Karak Azgal 585

Battle of Karak Azgal
Karak Izril fell long ago to the Goblins in the year 750. The Dwarfs found themselves under attack and the North Wall fell, and with that a great host of Goblins flooded Karak Izril and took the city by surprise. Faced with superior numbers the Dwarfs fought to the last in the underground holt where they sold there lives dearly, they would rather fight and die then give up the vast treasures of Karak Izril. The Runelord Stormbeard insribed special Runes of Hiding so that he and a few others would know the exact location of the treasure within the underground city. The Dwarfs vowed to return one day to and reclaim the city and its treasure. Upon leaving the Stormbeard renamed the stronghold Karak Azgal or "Hoard Peak". 

 This is the Battle of Karak Azgal when a young beardling named Skalf returned to retake the city centuries later and use the hidden wealth of gems inside the massive underground holt that the goblins failed to ever find. His plan was to rebuild the Holt of Karak Izril with the weath inside. This was in the year of 585.

Skalf sent a small force to penetrate the walls through secret passages in the tunnels of Karak Azgal. The mission was to go to the east barbican and unlock the massive gate and raise the portcullis. The tunnels are patrolled by goblins, and a small goblin army is located with in the city. The objective is to get to the gate before the alarm is sounded alerting the goblins to arms.

(This is not my best game table, but it was alot of fun to play. I had bought about 6 boxes of Dwarven Forge maze tunnel sets, along with another unknown manufacture that matches the Dwarven Forge tunnels ok. The goblins or orcs are from Harlequin miniatures (and yes they are my LOTR Orc, along with the Dwarfs that are made by Vendel, aka Sgt Major Miniatures now.)

Part 1

A small force of an Elf who befriend the dwarfs because he saved Skalfs life in a previous unexpected meeting and was named Dwarfried, along with 4 dwarfs, 4 halfling and 2 Bretonnian warriors, a total of 10 companions. They make their way through the tunnels of Karak Azgal to open the Great East Gate and let the Dwarf Host into the Holt of Karak Azgal. In the end 1 Bretonnian warrior, 2 halflings and 1 dwarf remain at the journeys end and are able to open the gate, but the alarm was sounded by the goblin patrols and the Dwarf Host makes it into the gates just before the goblins start pouring out of every tunnel. 

The East Gate is opened just at the goblins sound the alarm.

 Part 2 

The taking of the first chamber. The Dwarf host meets the first goblins in the first lower chamber and hold them off while the dwarf host enters into the holt.

The dwarf host defeats the first wave of goblins in the first lower chamber hall.

The first chamber is taking and the dwarf host moves toward the second chamber. Unknown to the goblins another force of dwarfs have split off and are taking tunnels to come around behind and on the flanks of the goblins. The dwarfs have brought a cannon up the tunnels, but not expecting to meet a large troll.

Part 3
The taking of the central lower chamber and the heart of Karak Azgal.

The dwarf army encounters a large troll.

The Dwarf Host surround the goblin host in the central chamber.

Goblin reinforcements coming from the west gate.

The Dwarf host battles the goblins in the central chamber of Karak Azgal.

The Dwarf fights the giant Troll and defeats it with the cannon they brought along for the vary purpose.

The Dwarf host retakes Karak Azgal.

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