Sunday, October 21, 2018

Paint Bench: Crocodile Games Trojans 6th update

Finally got some long awaited 28mm Trojans from Crocodile Games. I got about 125 spear and 12 archers. I am going to convert 6 of the archers into charioteers and change out some of my Mycenaean charioteer for them. This is the first wave of many. Plan on doing 2 or 3 waves. Along with a large batch of Pyrrhic Phalanx as well.

6th Update

Over 50% mark near completion. Still have a ways to go. These Crocodile Games Trojans are very detailed and have to be well planned out to paint nicely. I am no expert, but I try my best. 


6th Update above

5th Update

Another test figure done. A Trojan Chariot Captain or General or Character.....painting blue like you can't imagine.

4th Update

3rd Update

Test figures 2

Skin washed

2nd Update

Test Figure 

Test Figure 2

1st Update

Arrival from the Croc Store

Bronze washed out pretty well. 
Dryburshed with gold.
Long fleshing out process

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