Saturday, January 31, 2015

Paint Bench: Zombie Building #8 and #9 (Fire Station and Police Station)

Finished the Fire Station and Police Station. The Fire Station has some interior detail and so does the Police Station, but it does not have as much. It is mostly a jail so its hard to see inside, but I put some jails inside, just because I can. Anyways, moving on now to the Townhall and the Library. Zombie survivors get bored and like to read. Don't worry I am building them a Beer Brewery and Smoked Jerkey manufacturer building after that. That way they have a place to go to get supplies to eat. (As well as the grocery store)

Both of these buildings are the old O-scale Plasticville buildings, they were both white, but very nasty looking from years of decay, with old yellow glue stains. They were not painted, pretty bad shape, but that is what is fun about restoring something. Anyways, I started taking pics about midway thru the project.


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