Sunday, July 19, 2015

Battle of Sellasia 222 BC (Greek Social Wars)

 The Battle of Sellasia 222 BC

The Battle of Sellasia was fought between Antigonos Donos of Macedonia and the two Kings of Sparta, Kleamenes on Mount Olympus and Eucleidas on Mount Eaus in 222 BC.
 It is consider the last stand of the Spartans, who were trying to regain their former self three centuries before. 

The road to Sparta lay between the two hills with the river Oenous running along the road. The Spartans felt the small pass was a strategic and vital location that needed to be defended. The pass is located near a small town calld Sellasia. 

In the battle it was said that the Macedonians used Sarissas. In my battle they used 8 footers or Xystons. I decided to use them due to the type of terrain they were located in, and thought that the rough terrain would cause the Macedonian Phalanx to become disordered easily carring Sarissas. Some historians do not believe they used Sarissas and have doubts they would use 21 footers in this type of environment. I agree. This is more leaning towards historical facts of the terrain. 

I played this against my wife, she played the Spartans and I the Macedonians. My wife won the game (again). So the Spartans were not defeated this time. We used rules called AD6 Ancients. I found the rules on the internet. 

I liked these rules, very simple and adapt easy to 28mm figures.

 Creating a rough hill like environment as described of the battle field, I created both Mt. Olympus and Eaus as a representation of the hills and rough terrain. And for game sake, I placed the Spartan forces on level ground to do battle with the Macedonia forces. 

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