Monday, July 27, 2015

Battle Of Brionne 2523 IC (WHFB)

The Battle Of Brionne 2523

The year is 2523. A very large Black Orc army driven by Grimgor Ironhide has invaded Bretonnia in the south. The invasion route came out of the Irranna Mountains into the Carcassonne region. The Orc army after coming out a pass in the Irranna Mountains split into two hordes turning east towards Castle Carcassonne to lay siege, to cut off aid from the east. The other Horde marched west through Carcassonne towards Brionne following the south bank of the Brienne River. All of Northern Bretonnia came to the call of Brionne and met the massive Orc army just to the south of Brionne. Unknown to the Duke of Brionne an undead legion of ancient warriors, raised from the dead by Nagash, are marching out of northern lands of Estalia after landing off the coast of the Golfe Du Bidouze in a large black fleet of warships.

  All 28mm Miniatures are by Games Workshop, Black Tree Design, Mirliton, Thunderbolt Mountain and Scotia Grendel. The Buildings are made by The Miniature Building Authority and PMC Games. 
The castle sections are made by an unknown maker, the main castle structure is my Helms Deep fortress converted. The Bailey is the GW Helms deep set (5 sets). Rivers and Roads are made by Wargamers Terrain. The cobble stone is made by Zuzzy Miniatures.

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