Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Harlequin Fantasy Armies Orc Crossbows (FA0229) from Black Tree Design Review

I have been looking for some Orc Crossbow for awhile, and I just in got another sample from Black Tree Design today. I got the FA0229 28mm Orc Crossbows pack. They are the same scale almost with my Harlequin LOTR Orcs,  but just a just a bit bulkier, but the sculpts are good. At first glance I did not like them because of their faces and heads, but I decided to go with them because after I painted them up they looked a lot better. So I finally found my Orc Crossbow and at a bargain price at 3 for $5.60 roughly on sale at BTD. I will have 60 of these guys coming in soon to add to the ranks of my Orc Army. They all come with separate crossbow.

 BTD FA0229 Orc Crossbow comparison to a old Harlequin LOTR Isengard Half-Orc (on left).

Black Tree Design Orc Crossbows FA0229

I am really pleased how they turn out when they are painted up.

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