Friday, May 9, 2014

Harlequin Great 28mm Orc Crossbow and Great Orc Fighters by Black Tree Design Review

I went on a quest to find some 28mm Orc Crossbow for my ever growing Orc Army. I searched and searched for figure comparisons of the Harlequin Great Orc Crossbow (HM1050) with no luck. So I thought I would share my findings. All of my Orc army are from the old Lord of the Rings range by Icon or Harlequin miniatures, now Black Tree Design, but the molds were sold to Scotia Grendel. I was trying to find a Orc crossbow figure that would match the scale of the Greater Orcs of the Old Harlequin Lord of the Ring Range which are now owned by Scotia Grendel and sold under the generic fantasy figures. I thought these orcs were huge until I got these Black Tree Design Orc crossbow in the mail. I also asked for a sample of the Great Orc Fighters (HM1044).

First off, I want to say these Orcs are amazing with very nice detail. But they were way to large for my current Orc army....they were Troll size compared to Orcs I have. But totally happy with the figures, I just can not use them. But I may paint them up one day for some fun. 

As you can see they are very large. I did not measure them in millimeters, but they are in the upper high end of Heroic size 28mm figures. The Crossbow are very large, the fighters are just as large, but hunched over a little, so they do not look as big, but they have large bulky bodies.

Here is the crossbow that comes with the Orcs, very nice detail, and large.

A comparison to the LOTR Harlequin range Orcs and half orcs. From left to right, Harlequin LOTR Orc from the early 90's, BTD Orc, BTD Orc, and a Harlequin LOTR Half-Orc.

A size comparison to a LOTR Harlequin Orc beside a (BTD) Harlequin Great Orc figher (HM1044) And btw, that LOTR Orc is not finished being painted.

Close up of the (BTD) Harlequin Orc Crossbow (HM1050)

I hate that I can not use these in my current Orc army because they are very nice figures, but I have another sample coming from Black Tree Design. I am getting a sample of the BTD Fantasy Army range Orcs with Crossbow (FA0229).

I am getting a sample of these in the mail any day now. Hopefully they will be more to scale and blend well with my LOTR Harlequin Orcs. I have read that they blend well with any early 90's Orcs from various manufactures. I am not really too excited about the cartoonist faces they have, but I will give them a chance. That will be my next review. 

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