Saturday, December 14, 2019

Zombie Apocalypse: March 2016 Waynesboro, GA

Apocalypse Survivors in Waynesboro, Georgia have divided the town into sectors for defense against the zombie herds that roam near and around the town. A rather large zombie herd has discovered that there is a "all you can eat" buffet in town and have decided to stop by and get some lunch and lay siege to parts of the town.


The Zombies stop by to say hello and demand dinner.

A bunch of zombies stick out there arms like long lost relatives wanting a hug.


chrach said...

Beautiful board! How do you do the white mortar between the bricks (without having to paint millions of straight white lines)?

Sithlord2 said...

hi thanks. I used white weathering powder or you can use baby powder. but weathering powder works the best. just dust it on whip it off with a damp rag and then spray matte coat on it and let it dry to keep the white powder in between the bricks. I learned it off of a railroad train forum. it’s pretty easy. takes a few practices.

Terrement said...

Zombies notwithstanding, your town section is about the best looking one I've ever seen. Curious as to:

1. how much is scratchbuilt vs commercial
2. how did you do your streets?
3 source for street hardware (poles, lights, etc.)

Sithlord2 said...

Hi I bought a lot of old o scale kits from the 50’s along with some newer buildings. But I scratch bolt the insides and outside of them. Some of the old kits I got from an old lady who had them up in her attic for like 30 years. I took them all rebuilt them. Painted them weathered them. Put detail kits inside them and on the outside. I painted every ting and pretty much made it the way you see. I have like 50 posts on making them in my blog under “paint bench” so you can go there and look at how I made everything. I made like 50 bldgs. And show start to finish on each one. It took me about a year. I guess yes for extra things like street light and street poles, telephone poles all over the internet. Ofcourse I had to paint them all. The tall bldgs come painted but they suck. So I repainted them and make the brick come alive. I fogged all the windows. Etc. printed real business signs off the j yet still and made them to scale on a printer. It really was a lot of work. But worth it. I got most of my ideas and learned off railroad modeler sites as well as just looking at buildings. I probably spent way too much on supplies but it was worth it.

Thank you.

Sithlord2 said...

The streets. I use a mix of things. Poly mats painted line streets but I also use gaming mats made out of the same material you use for mouse pads. I bought like 5 different cities. Like DeepCut studios or MTX. Lots of people make them. Beat gaming mats ever is to use the mouse pad material neoprene I think. I have like 25 mats. Expensive. But that’s only for my 6 x 6 table. My huge table is made of just normal grass mats. I also have side walks made out of dental plaster but those kits are expensive and not very modular friendly to fit different size blocks for bldgs. I just use mats I instead. Out on my big table I use foam mat and I cut sections of highway out of them and paint lines on them. I have about 100 feet of highway. And I am not joking. Lol. Cheers!!

Sithlord2 said...

I hate spell check on this publisher. lol. sorry for the typos