Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Paint Bench: Zombie Buildings #1 (Comic book shop and Car Detail Shop)

I finally decided to take the Zombie plunge. And did I. I am getting a bunch of zombies for Christmas, the Wargames Factory zombies. I decided to collect a lot of O scale Rail Road buildings to make a zombie city out of. I started out buying the cheap ugly Plasticville buildings, and did not have a clue how crappy they were. So I have about 20 buildings to paint and redo. After that I decided to go with mostly pre-painted Rail King buildings, which are really nice. I just have to weather all the buildings. I found some nice weathering powder and I am learning now how to weather buildings and brick.

This is my first building, I am a totally rookie. I had it nice looking and thin I sprayed the dull coat on the windows, because this makes them look dusty, which is what I want, but I did not realize it would block most of the view inside, oh well. Live and learn. I still think the building looks ok for my first one, it took me a day to build. 

I actually went back and used rubbing alcohol to remove some of the dull coat, looks much better now.

I also went back and cleaned up the windows on the Car Detail shop.

Here is a figure comparison with Rail King O-Scale Buildings. First a AT-43 and then a Battle Field Evolution Marine. These are the only Modern troops I have, beside Halo 40mm which work well also.  So my Planet of the Apes will work well too..if I ever go that route. 


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