Saturday, May 27, 2017

Battle of The Cardolan Frontier TA1356 (War of the Ring)

Angmar invades the Frontier of Cardolan and marches on Amon Sul and besieges Mitheithel at the same time. A hill fort near the Last Bridge on the Northern Road is defended by a small unit of Arnorians and aided by High Elves from Mitheithel (before the Siege of Mitheithel began). The battle takes places in the Cardolan Valley near the Hoarwell River and the Last Bridge in TA1356 during the War of the Ring. This is located in Northern Gondor. Southern Gondor is being invaded at the same time.
This is the first game I have played in about 2 years, so its not the best table. I am a little rusty. I made the table and then decided what game to play. I came up with this game in Middle Earth. I will be using the same table for another game in another world next. (Greek or Roman)

 The Battle of the Cardolan Frontier TA1356

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