Monday, April 7, 2014

Paint Bench: 28mm Isengard Half-Orcs from Scotia Grendel (aka old Harlequin LOTR Orc) Finished!!!

Paint time: 51 days!!

Got my next batch of Scotia Grendel Half-orcs in. It is probably going to take me a day or two to cleans these up and make them fit the 20mm bases that I wanted. Also, I am going to glue their shields on differently than some of the poses are. A little bit of work but worth it. I need to get a bigger pair of wire cutters, my hands are a mess now. Keep in mind I arm the with the shields or Mordor...for my own reasons.

Part 1

The first orc on the left will have his shield in front of him, which will make it a whole lot easier for formations. I will leave a few of them in that pose for variety.

Part 2

All Skinned awaiting some fur!

Part 3

I have 4 colors on them now, they are getting closer to being done. But I still have a lot of work to do on them. 

Part 4

I am moving right along. I have almost finished painting the Isengard Half-Orcs. I washed one set already out of order, mainly because I spilled a whole bottle of wash on the table and immediately started washing figures. I will moving on to the Great Orcs next and finishing them up before I start washing all the figures. 

This batch is washed and completed.

Before and After Wash.

The wash I am using is the Citadel Nuln Oil shade.

Update 5

I finished washing all the figures finally and I have started on the shields...all 300 plus of them. I think it took about 3 days to wash everything, I think they are turning out satisfactory. After I finish the shields in a week or two, I will start flocking the bases, and then gluing on the shields, and I am done with these guys and they will have marching orders to Gondolin.

I had to paint 330 of these shields...took me a whole day.

Finished!!! Finally, and glad at that.

I am very happy with the results. I flocked each base differently or tried to.

Orc Reinforcements arriving at the Siege of Gondolin finally!!


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