Monday, May 22, 2017

Paint Bench: Making Mountains out of Foam

I decided after painting for a year and a half almost to make some large mountain pieces. Just because I can I guess. Wanted some large mountain terrain to place on the table. I made it where I can stack it all on top of each other and make a larger mountain, or spread it around and make terrain, as well as place various castles, forts, etc on top of them. I used Hotwire Foam tools and Styrofoam I bought from a packing company. I used 10 sheets of 4' x 8'. Took about 2 weeks. I used charcoal and white house paint to them and dry brush. I also used wood glue to strengthen various areas such as ramps.

I used 10 sets of the old Warhammer Fortress sets to use a template to make the mountains. All my castles will fit on it, Roman, Greek, etc. 

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