Monday, August 4, 2014

Paint Bench: 28mm Romans Re-basing Project Done

Now I am about reaching the 75% level of finishing my re-basing project. Keep in mind not every miniature is being rebased. That would be a nightmare. Luckily I based my desert type countries, Assyria, etc..very good. I am switching out storage / movement trays so I can sell my Game Workshop movement trays. I think I will have over 100 plus. That is about $250 in movement trays. That is insane, and that is less than half of them, the rest are still on the shelf with figures. They store the figures well however, easy to take on and off the shelf. Most all of my figures are based on 20mm x 20mm stands, a few 25mm stands.

Most or all of my Romans are Black Tree Design. Some are using Vendel shields that came with some of the figures I bought from them, I forgot what. They all have North Star wire spears. I think there is about 550 foot and 62 cavalry. I plan on one day buying some Aventine Romans, a bunch of them.

 You notice the Ape army I have from Planet of the Apes are arriving for rebasing as well. I think they think they will be forgotten. I had to steal a lot of their movement trays for the Romans. I made a large batch of homemade movement trays long ago and I am now using them again. I do not plan on using them on the table, just for storage purposes. I do not like the look of the movement tray in a game any longer. 

250 more Romans to go and I am going Ape.

And Finished!!!!

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