Monday, August 11, 2014

Paint Bench: 28mm AT-43 and Terminator Armies Re-basing Project Done


I decided to keep these miniatures in my collection, and that being said I decided to flock the tops of the bases to make them look better. These are my AT-43 and Terminator minis, they look way much better now.

And this concludes my re-basing project...thank goodness, I AM BURNED OUT. 5000 plus minis in 2 weeks. 

AT-43 Minis
140 plus foot and about 25 sets of various armor. I use my 40k Valkyries with these minis.

Terminators from Copplestone Castings
 I have about 32 Terminators. I have some other stuff such as flying gunships but they have no bases.

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