Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jousting Armor on Display

I joust on horseback from time to time with Noble Cause Productions. I got my spurs back in 2006 in the Kansas City Renaissance Fair and have done a lot of jousting since then, at Scarborough and the Muskogee Renaissance Fair. But since I have two little girls now, they take up much of my time, and I no longer hit the road that much. I met my wife about the same time I started jousting and that is the main reason I have two girls now. Women go crazy over jousters, and jousters seem to have a lot of children.  I got plenty of injuries, mostly head injuries and shoulder injuries and I do not miss that part. Anyways, I usually keep my armor out in the armor box out in the shed where the snakes and mice live. Its pretty save, but I felt it was getting lonely, So I decided to get a mannequin (that felt strange to say) to display my colors and armor on finally. Most of it still smells of horse and I will have to get the caked on mud off of it. Most of my gear is falling apart, in very used condition. My boots have holes in them, the armor is ragged from hitting the ground too much. A little bit of rust here and there. My saddle is in good shape and my colors are faded a bit, but still green and gold. I miss and love horses and riding fast moving horses. So I decided to bring it out so I could see it more, and remember the glory days. I still ride when called, but mostly when someone has a broken leg or neck...all that good stuff. But money talks and I only ride for money, me being a Mercenary Knight and all, I do not ride for free, I have to have some form of payment. But as we say, I got all the stuff and I can ride my ass off when called. Nothing like hitting your boss man on horseback. I miss my friends and hitting them. I wanted to get one of the fake horses and dress it up in my c'parison or horse bard, but my wife will not let me put a life size fake horse in the bedroom or the living room.....but I did ask. 

Break a Lance!!!!

Vincimus To Conquer my enemies.

Halts that can cut off your ear if you land on your head and your helm comes off before you hit the ground.

My Helm was made by a German armorer.

Upper and lower armor.


My backside. I installed a lot of straps to make sure my leg armor stayed on.

My jousting saddle.

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