Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Eomer Armor on display

I decided to finally display my Eomer Armor on a display statue as I like to call or a mannequin. Took me awhile to find the right one, and it turned out pretty cool. It is hard as hell to put chain mail on a stupid mannequin. I figured it out. The thing is a little taller than me, so it is not perfect but looks good. I think the costume cost me in the range of $2000 or so. Next I plan on displaying my jousting armor, which will be in a day or two. Then it is back to the paint bench. 

I had this armor made after watching the Return Of The King, the Rohan Charge got the best of me. So I had various armorers make me Rohan armor. I started wearing it at renaissance fairs and eventually met my wife wearing it. I also met my fellow friend and owner of Noble Cause Jousting. I was given a part in a renn faire show, and then I went on the road and became a jousting knight on horseback. (not wearing this armor). I will be finally pulling my armor out of the cases in the shed and displaying my joust armor. 

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