Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Eomer Costume from Lord of the Rings

Here are some pics of my various Lord of the Rings costumes and armor that I have. It all started with the Charge of the Rohirrim in Return of the King and spiraled out of control. 

My Eomer armor 2004
My Eomer Costume in 2004
My Eomer armor minus the leather chest armor
Full Steel Eomer Armor. Most of this armor became my jousting armor eventually, so it was money well worth spending.

Excalibur Fantasy Fair in Smithville, Texas

Another Eomer costume

Excalibur Fantasy fair. I just got my new Eomer Helm and steel armor.

Scarborough Fair 2005. I eventually would be jousting at this fair.

Excalibur Fantasy Fair where it all began, met my jousting friends here and met my wife Lorie eventually.

DragonCon 2005.

Texas Renaissance Fair

One Rohirrim that should stay off a horse...a Jagermiester wagon must have ran over me.

Texas Renaissance Fair 2006

Texas Renaissance Fair 2005

 And Then This happened....

My crazy self with long hair

The Beginning of Sir Gawaine

My Halts and 2nd Joust Helm
Pretty much the end of Eomer and the beginning of Sir Gawaine of Orkney The Villain

Muskogee 2007

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