Tuesday, August 6, 2013

28mm Helms Deep

Here is a few pics of the 28mm Helms Deep fortress that I had made by the Castle Works Company, who I do not recommend at all. The Fortress itself is very nice, but the service was pathetic and $2500 of my money taken. He was supposed to make me a Minas Tirith as well but backed out of the deal and took my $2500 for Minas Tirith without repaying me back and still has not to this day. It has been over 2 years now...and no word from Tim Vawter. It is a shame he has some great castle making skills. A complaint was filed against him with the State of New Jersey and they have taken action against him. I am not going into all the details here, but it is all over the internet as far as my complaint against him. You can find it on the Miniature Page as well as various consumer complaint boards. I was promised that this and Minas Tirith would be completed in 12 weeks, 24 months later I received this Helms Deep. Minas Tirith was never completed and all my money was taken and never returned, that is the short story. This drama all lead me to making my own Minas Tirith, which I am happy I made. I had found this guy in two articles in two separate Miniature Wargames Magazine, I think issue 81-82 or something.
My 28mm Helms Deep

I have a lot of Harlequin LOTR miniatures to occupy these walls. I think I have about 300 Rohan on foot to go onto the walls.

My first Helms Deep made by the CastleWorks company (below). It took 7 years to make it, and I only got half of it, and no money returned (yes 7 years)..... (Yes I am stupid for doing business with him again, but I truly felt sorry for him for various reasons I will not state, my own father had the same kind of problems, so I forgave him, and that is all I will say about it, because the guy is lawsuit happy kinda person.) He is the biggest liar I have ever met, besides my ex-wife (haha). I will never do business with him ever again, and I do not recommend his work, he is not that good. I am not entirely impressed with the Helms Deep he made me, I think it can be done better by someone who actually has skills and not just a mouth. Look around the internet first before you do business (with any business), you will notice a lot of the same type of complaints...non-delivery of goods and takes your money kinda person. 

There were suppose to be outer walls that went in front of it, but were never sent or completed, I got this part in 2003 or so, by threatening to have a lawsuit brought against him. Although when I had the 2nd Helms Deep made, he tried to make me pay more money to have it completed, when I had paid for it in full already, in 2010 when I went back to have another castle, made on the promise it would be done in 6 weeks, almost a year and a half later, I got Helms Deep that is above.  I was stupid for going back to him and doing business, so you don't have to remind me. But that is the power of wanting something bad in the wargame world you can become very blinded to reality. So use my mistake as a learning lesson.

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