Wednesday, June 26, 2013

54mm Battle of the Alamo Diorama

Me and my family took a trip to San Antonio to see the Alamo last October. While visiting the Alamo, I made a trip over to Kings X next door, as I always do. The King and Country figures are so cool to look at, but at $35 each....I have not took that plunge, but tempted.  I really want to have a 54mm Alamo..the whole thing.

My daughters on vacation in San Antonio, my favorite picture of them together.

I bought both my daughters a few bags of the cheap Alamo figures. The old BMC figures I believe. I let my oldest daughter play with the figures for awhile. But while I as painting some 28mm figures, I decided to start painting the Alamo figures for something different.

In the beginning I was only going to paint a few. But as I kept painting, I slowly started getting a rather large pile of Mexican Infantry. I decided to make a small diorama. I started this project about the same time I decided to make the other 15mm diorama of the Alamo. I was so excited about making the other diorama, I had to make this one as well.

At first I didn't know what to do about the back ground, so I naturally found a Alamo Chapel facade made my BMC for $15 and I bought 4 of them. I took one and made side walls with the other ones, to make it look more realistic, than just a plastic front.

I used some pencil sharpeners for some cannons.

I decided to put it on top of the fridge. I wanted to buy a 54mm Alamo Chapel, but it was way to big for the top of the fridge. So I settled on what I had made out of the BMC Chapel facades.
  A $45 versus $250 Alamo Chapel.

I painted about 100 Mexicans for the scene. I made two different troop type uniforms.

I used a part of my Hudson and Allen Alamo palisade to make the scene, but can easily remove it for a game in 15mm.

I think the I painted the figures pretty good, being that the figures themselves do not have much detail.

I did not paint too many Texans, mostly because the ones I had were not very good. But I did buy a few off ebay to paint and add to the scene. I thing there are about 15 Texans.

I like the end result, even if it is on the top of my fridge. It goes with the theme we are doing for the house. Texas History. I also like the fact that it reminds me of me taking both my daughters to the Alamo for the very first time. 

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