Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dirty Tom of the 501st Stormtrooper Legion

Here is a little more about myself and my Star Wars crazy days.
Before I became a Jousting Knight, I was a member of the 501st Stormtrooper Legion.  My silly nick name was Dirty Tom, because I was a Sandtrooper with dirty armor, etc. Seems everyone developed nick names after joining. My id was TK-0370.

My armor on display and on retirement from the 501st. I also have a Boba Fett set of armor, and I had a  Biker Scout set of armor that I gave to another friend.

 Getting armored up for a patrol.

The first time I went out in a Star Wars costume was as Boba Fett. It was a really expensive, but worth it. Made alot of new friends at DragonCon in 2001 in Atlanta, GA.

 Somewhere in time at DragonCon
 Me and my friend Clutch at DragonCon. The Jagermeister Patrol. I also developed an addiction to painting my face with warpaint.

 Another shot of my friends at DragonCon. I went to DragonCon every year for awhile. Always had a great time there. I made some good friends.

 Being a stormtrooper was a fun job..I became known as the Jagermeister Captain.

 You would have never guessed that stormtroopers loved hanging out a Hooters.

 Disneyland Florida started Star Wars weekends. The 501st were aloud to march in the Star Wars parades at Disneyland  which was a lot of fun.

 Hanging out at Celebration 2 with my friend Tom and Dave.

 Getting your picture taken with fans was alot of fun. Here I find myself again at another Hooters

 Me as Spider trooper with Austin Powers trooper somewhere in a DragonCon.

 501st at Celebration 2. I am the one holding the Imperial Flag....the only one holding a flag.

On Patrol with Clutch at DragonCon.

 Checking in to the Hyatt at a DragonCon. As many as 4 to 6 of use would split a room.

 Photo shoot at a promotion at Gateway. But I forgot what the promotion was for......

 Dirty Tom Action Figure

 For some reason I decided to wear a Kilt....don't ask me why.

I decided to leave the 501st in 2006. I ran for 501st Legion Commander for a short run before stepping out of the race. I had way too much fun, but I made some new friends in the Renaissance fairs and eventually started jousting on horseback and gave up drinking and parting. Eventually met my wife at a Renaissance fair and now I have a happy family of 4.

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